Investment Criteria



Experienced Development Partner

Development partner has a successful track record (housing type and market).

Development partner’s reputation, competence and values are also key investment decision criteria.

Development partner will provide repayment and completion guarantees to the senior lender, if required.


Preference for Fully-entitled Projects with Presales

Seville Capital will invest at any point of the development cycle prior to the start of construction.

Projects requiring zoning changes, entitlements, etc. will be considered, but less conditionality is preferred.


Investment Horizon of One to Three Years per Project

Ground-up or adaptive reuse projects with shorter investment horizons are preferred.



Specific Housing Types

Seville Capital invests in low and mid-rise residential condo, mixed-use, and townhouse projects.


Major Decisions

The project budget; important project terms (architectural plans, pricing and offering terms, delivery schedule, etc.); capital calls; hiring of general contractor, consultants, advisers and other.