Seville Capital provides joint-venture equity capital to residential developers in select US markets, but more than that, we provide expertise. With four decades of experience in residential real estate development, we are uniquely positioned to generate superior-risk adjusted returns.

With our developer-mindset and the scarcity of equity capital in the range of $2 million to $10 million, Seville Capital offers a unique value-add proposition to experienced residential developers in an underserved niche, thereby providing our investors with access to superior risk-adjusted returns. As seasoned developers, we bring a unique perspective and enhanced value to our investments. By aligning ourselves with developers who share our passion and expertise, we aim to establish long term relationships with our partners and provide superior returns to our investor base.

Our focus is on condominium, townhouse and dense mixed-use projects in urban, walkable, and sustainable neighborhoods. We target well-located projects where we can generate greater returns, and invest on a deal-by-deal basis in partnership with outstanding experienced local developers, all of whom co-invest in our deals to ensure alignment of economic interests.